Private DomasG Email Marketing University Inside The Facebook Group!

I want to introduce Private Email Marketing Group, I am planning to give weekly content of value information of Email Marketing!

Hello, Email marketers!

Or maybe I am wrong, and you are not an email marketer?

That's not a problem! You must be familiar with email marketing if you want to succeed in ONLINE BUSINESS!

If you don't know me, so I want to introduce myself.

I am an email marketing expert since 2012, here from WarriorForum, and I am specializing in a different type of niches: MMO/MLM/ClickBank/JVzoo/Forex/Healthy, etc.

Mainly I am Solo ad traffic provider and I am delivering traffic to all of these niches, I have lists and different segments for a particular niche and sending email newsletters to that subscribers.

But this WarriorForum thread is not about Solo ads.

It's all about YOU and your knowledge!

Recently I noticed that many people are struggling with various things related to email marketing.

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We will talk about about these things...

As I mentioned, I am promise to deliver WEEKLY content of USEFUL information!

  • How to write a proper follow-ups sequence

  • How to get reasonable inbox rates

  • How to track all clicks/opens

  • How to add tracking pixel

  • Which email marketing platform to choose

  • How to increase opt-in rates

and I can keep telling you various difficulties that people are facing.

So I decided to share my knowledge and to help people start doing EMAIL MARKETING without big mistakes and learn some new things.

I believe that my knowledge will help you to learn something and to make my or your partner work much more relaxed.

My offer is a PRIVATE FACEBOOK mastermind group with weekly stories/posts about EMAIL MARKETING.

People who worked with me, probably already aware that I am trying to provide as much as possible valuable content, I want to be consistent and keep everything on place.

So if you would like to join this Facebook private group access the link below, I am taking a small $25/monthly fee for being a member of this group.

Join TODAY $25/month